Tikvesh Lake

The Tikvesh Lake is situated on the River Crna Reka, 12 kilometres on the southwest of Kavadarci, that is, 3kilometres on the south from the village of Vozarci. The lake was constructed in 1968 by partitioning the river canyon with 104 meters-high dam, made of clay essence and with length of 338 meters long. Occupies territory of 14 square km and is 29 km long. The total gross area of the lake is 475 millions m3 of water.
The water from the Tikvesh Lake is used for irrigation and production of electricity. The irrigation is done through the hydro system “Tikvesh” and in the vicinity of the dam, the power plant “Tikvesh” is located. The irrigation from the lake Tikvesh enabled the driest area in the whole country to be turned into green oasis with vast plantations of grapevines and fruit trees.

In cases of increased waterfall the level of the lake raises and can result in outflow and very often in flooding the weekend houses located near by. The increased quantity of the water in the course of the summer is poured out into the River Vardar, in order to avoid the ecological disaster of the fauna as a result of the lower water level. The lake abounds in great variety of fish, especially in catfish, which can be over 2 meters long.

Source: Exploring Macedonia

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